Revitalize your hair and scalp with Medicinal Herb shampoo. Healthy beauty perfected with 30 medicinal herbs including worldly recognized Korean Ginseng.

Health and Beauty

Made History in the chemical shampoo saturated market with Medicinal herb.

Shampoos that only consider beauty are not the products that truly value customers. DOORI Cosmetics considers not only customers’ beauty but also health through our specialty in medicines and scientific researches.

Oriental Medicine Story

What is oriental medicine?

It is a traditional medicine developed in Korea (Asia).

What is DAENG GI MEO RI  ?

Based on UNESCO designated Memory of the World, Heo Jun’s “Donguibogam”, which has integrated East Asian medicine, DOORI Cosmetics has used its own production methods to create oriental medicine cosmetics products, customized for the modern man.

DAENG GI MEO RI  with applied secrets of “Donguibogam”


Contains various medicinal herb extracts such as Rehmannia Chinensis Root , lotus flower for hair’s vitality and health.


Contains medicinal herb extracts such as Polygonum Multiflorum Root, Psoralea Corylifolia Fruit , Eclipta Prostrata Extract etc., for vital and voluminous hair.


Contains a prescription of medicinal herb for nourishment and moisturization of scalp, for healthier and cleaner scalp.


7 different medicinal herb extracts long known to be consumed by wizards as elixirs will invigorate hair.

Traditional production method of DAENG GI MEO RI.  

The key of DAENG GI MEO RI  which has made a great impact on the chemical shampoo market lies in the secret traditional production method. Unlike other simple chemical mixtures, DAENG GI MEO RI  contains domestic medicinal herbs and first grade purified water that have been decocted for 72 hours, after it is matured and concentrated, for the development of the best medicinal herb shampoo on the market.

We are endeavoring to provide an affluence of nature to our customers.

The completion of Healthy beauty with medicinal herbs - Doori Cosmetics

“DOORI Cosmetics  starts from the nature”

DOORI Cosmetics is located in Geumsan Korea, which is the staging area of medicinal herbs and Korean Ginseng, for manufacturing the best products using oriental ingredients in nature, particularly medicinal herbal ingredients best fitted to human.

“DOORI Cosmetics is constantly trying for the best”

With 14 years of medicinal herbal researches,  DOORI Cosmetics has led the medicinal herbal market in Korea after many studies, trial and error, and will constantly try to develop more excellent products for advancing into a global company.

“We make products with care for customers”

DOORI Cosmetics has minimized chemical ingredients in its products with the priority of customers’ healthy beauty and provided the best products made by directly decocting medicinal herbal ingredients for long time in a traditional way.

Central Laboratory 

It is the Central Laboratory that the best researchers make their effort to develop the best products

The Central Laboratory of DOORI Cosmetics, that has researched only medicinal herb for 14 years, to develop more excellent products.

In the Central Laboratory, we do not stop trying to provide customers with the best products as putting the best medicinal herb effects in products.

Through the research and development of Central Laboratory, DOORI Cosmetics is being loved by customers with its best products including shampoos, cosmetics and body products. The Central Laboratory has tried its best to develop the best products to improve the quality of consumer’s life by analyzing and studying the consumer’s preference and trends, in addition to classifying medicinal herbal ingredients by product characteristics and performing base separation test by texture, low irritation and temperature.

Korea’s No.1 - Daeng Gi Meo Ri

Representative Awards

  • 2006, 2007, 2008 No. 1 Market share in Korea (2009 Cosmetics Marketing News).
  • 2006, 2007, 2008 No. 1 Sales Volume in CJ O Shopping (CJ O Shopping).
  • 2009  No. 1 of   Korea Consumer Agency’s consumer evaluation for medicinal herb shampoo (Korea Consumer Agency).
  • 2009 Selected as "Korea’s 1% value brand“ (Korea Management Association Consulting).
  • 2009 Selected as “Grand Prize for brand of the year” (Korea Customer Forum).
  • 2006, 2008  Word of Mouth Best Brand Award  (CMC Customer Monitor Center).
  • Acquired Europe patent for hair restore composition using medicinal herbs.
  • Acquired GH (Goods of Health) mark (Korean Health Industry Development Institute). 
  • Acquired 2009 ‘ISO 9001’ certification. Actual verification for product quality was completed through clinical trials.
  • Acquired the patent for Shampoo that contains a hair loss prevention and hair growth compound.
  • Hold 19 Domestic Registered Design Right.
  • Hold 32 Domestic Trademarks.
  • Hold 37 Trademarks in 13 Countries.  

Global Market

The USA, Canada, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Vietnam, Paraguay, Myanmar, Mongolia, Spain, Indonesia, Latvia.

Choice Has Distinct Reasons

Daeng Gi Meo Ri is made by directly decocting more than 30 selected medicinal herbal ingredients in a traditional way.

Daeng Gi Meo Ri is made by using medicinal herbal extracts obtained through the process of concentration and aging after directly decocting more than 30 selected medicinal herbal ingredients, including Siberian chrysanthemum grown in the farm under direct management, for long time in a traditional way at the plant located in Geumsan, Korea.

Decocted medicinal herbal extracts can manage hair by caring the scalp, which is the foundation of the hair, first.

Decocted medicinal herbal extracts provide nutrition to the scalp and hair, and manage full and healthy hair by caring the scalp which is the foundation of the hair, first.

No colors added.

Minimization of chemical substances.

The colors of all Daeng Gi Meo Ri products are the colors of medicinal herbal extracts themselves without artificial colors, and the use of chemical ingredients is also minimized for healthy beauty.

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